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  1. The purpose of this Statement is to establish general guidelines regarding the processing of personal data within the scope of the website of CSD CENTRAL DE SERVIÇOS DE REGISTRO E DEPÓSITO AOS MERCADOS FINANCEIRO E DE CAPITAIS S.A. (“CSD BR” or “Company”).

  2. All information about personal data processed by CSD BR is sent by you, the user, within the scope of the electronic site. They are handled using robust and strict standards of information security and confidentiality, are kept intact, and are used for the following purposes:

    • Interaction/contact with you regarding regulatory, commercial, technical, administrative or other relationship that has been requested by you, through the contact form.
    • Compliance with a legal or regulatory obligation.
    • Conducting internal studies and preparing the Company’s commercial and marketing strategies.
    • Preparation of anonymized website usage statistics.

  3. ABy using the channels available on this site, you are consenting to the processing of your personal data by the Company, under the terms of current legislation.

  4. Your personal data may be processed abroad, due to the company that hosts this site, which may have servers abroad.

  5. The data collected may be deleted at any time by CSD BR or upon your request.

  6. You may, at any time and as applicable, exercise your rights to: (i) confirmation of the existence of treatment; (ii) access to data; (iii) correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data; (iv) anonymization, blocking or deletion of unnecessary, excessive data or data treated in non-compliance with the LGPD; (v) portability of data to another service or product provider, upon express request, in accordance with the regulations of the national authority, observing commercial and industrial secrets; (vi) deletion of personal data processed with the consent of the holder, except in the cases of conservation authorized by the LGPD; (vii) information of public and private entities with which the controller has shared data; (viii) revocation of consent.

  7. We do not market the personal data processed within this website.
  8. We do not make available to third parties the personal data processed within the scope of this website except by determination of the judiciary or regulatory body.

  9. The website saves cookies on the user’s computer in order to monitor, store and improve their browsing experience. Users can block the use of cookies by setting their browser.

  10. CSD BR may change this Term at any time, without prior notice. In this sense, we recommend checking it periodically.

  11. CSD BR owns all the rights of drafting, alteration, reproduction and distribution of this Term and is not responsible for outdated, modified versions, or for any versions coming from sources other than the official source designated to provide this material.

  12. CSD BR appoints Guilherme Nunes Pinto Villela Conrado as DPO, under the terms of the legislation in force. For information about this Statement or to exercise your right as a personal data subject, please contact 

Statement approved on December 20, 2021.


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